Mastering the Art of Opening a Screw-Back Watch: No Tools Needed!

Opening a screw-back watch is often seen as a task requiring technical skill and appropriate tools. Normally, this operation is carried out using a case opener designed specifically to avoid damaging the precious mechanism. But what if you find yourself in a situation where access to such tools is impossible?

Alternative techniques for unscrewing without professional tools

Alternative techniques for unscrewing without professional tools

Before embarking on exploring the many tips for opening a watch with a screw back, it is important to note the need to act with caution. The watch is a delicate object and each handling could risk damaging it if it is not carried out with care.

Use of common everyday objects

Using a tennis ball: an inventive way to get enough grip on the back of the watch. By pressing the ball firmly against the cover and rotating it, the screwed part can sometimes become dislodged.

Rubber bands: they can also be used to improve grip on the watch. By wrapping one band around the back of the watch and another around the lid, you can create enough friction to turn and open the watch.

The secret of finesse and patience

Practice stable and gentle pressure: It is essential not to force it harshly, as this could damage the threads. Firm, continuous counterclockwise pressure is recommended.

Attention to detail: monitor the progress of your opening attempt. If the lid seems to give slightly, do not give in to the temptation to speed up the process.

Precautions and sound advice

Protect the watch: Before any attempt, it is advisable to place the watch on a soft, non-abrasive surface, such as a microfiber cloth or foam mouse pad.

Avoid the use of metal objects: the use of knives, screwdrivers or pliers is not recommended. These instruments can not only scratch the metal but also deform or damage the cover.

Advice from a professional: If attempts to unscrew the back of the watch prove unsuccessful, it is wise to contact a watchmaker. He has the expertise and tools to open the watch without risking damaging it.

Demonstrating unfailing patience and proceeding with exemplary attention to detail are the keys to successfully completing this delicate operation without the help of professional tools. By applying the techniques above, you may be able to access the inside of your screw-back watch for a battery change or simple maintenance. However, never forget that calling on a specialist remains the safest solution to preserve the integrity and functionality of your precious time instrument.

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