Glow & Glisten: Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Makeup Essentials for a Vibrant and Fresh Look

With the arrival of sunny days, summer makeup is reinvented to offer a fresh and luminous look. Summer trends are an ode to lightness, naturalness but also boldness, allowing for bright touches of color and metallic sparkles. Combining style and comfort, summer makeup essentials echo the long sunny days and balmy evenings, adapting perfectly to the heat and humidity specific to this season.

The basics: a perfectly natural complexion

The basis of successful makeup lies in the complexion. In summer, a tanned and luminous complexion is often sought after, while remaining light to let the skin breathe. Light foundations or BB creams are perfect for evening out the complexion without a mask effect. Formulas enriched with antioxidants and with a sun protection factor are preferred to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Glow tip:

Using a highlighter or highlighter applied to the high points of the face – such as the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose or even the Cupid’s bow – instantly brings light and a “glowy” effect. very summery.

Dare to use color on your eyes

The eyelids are adorned with sunny and vibrant shades. Peach, coral or even azure blue and emerald green eyeshadows are particularly trendy. Cream or liquid textures, often more resistant to water and sweat, are ideal for long summer days.

Enhance the look:

For an even more intense look, don’t hesitate to play with several shades in gradient. By adding a touch of metallic or iridescent shadows to the inner corner of the eye, the eyes brighten, bringing a touch of sophistication to the simplest of beauty looks.

Eyebrows: natural frame of the gaze

The aesthetic of naturally full eyebrows maintains its place in trends. For a fuller and more careful effect, we opt for tinted gels which provide color and fixation without being heavy.

For perfect eyebrows:

Brush the eyebrows upwards using a dedicated brush then fix with a transparent gel; a simple gesture for a noticeable difference. For those who want more definition, an eyebrow pencil in the natural color of the hair will delicately fill in sparse areas.

A mouth to eat

For lips, the trend is towards refreshing simplicity. Tinted balms provide welcome hydration in hot weather while subtly enhancing lip color. For summer evenings, a bold matte lipstick in shades of red or fuchsia will provide a striking contrast.

Hydration and color advice:

For chapped lips, start with a light exfoliation followed by an intensive moisturizer before applying a lipstick or colored balm for an impeccable result.

Blush: touch of freshness

Blush: touch of freshness

A pink or peach cream blush melting on the cheeks perfectly reproduces the effect of skin caressed by the sun. The cream texture blends into the skin and is more resistant to humidity, ideal for hot summer days.

Applying blush in summer:

For a natural application, smile and apply the blush to the rounded part of the cheek, stretching the material towards the temples. This immediately gives a rested and jovial air.

Finishing touches: the final touches for long-lasting summer makeup

To ensure makeup stays on in summer, using a translucent loose powder helps mattify the complexion without making it heavy. A setting mist will not only provide additional fixation but also welcome refreshment throughout the day.

The secret to an impeccable outfit:

After each layer of makeup, especially for the complexion, spray a setting mist to seal the makeup. This helps create strong layers that will keep your beauty look fresh for longer.

Summer makeup is meant to be light, luminous, with a touch of color for those who want to make a statement. The formulas are designed to withstand summer conditions and the trend is natural, enhanced by notes of bright colors. By following these tips, every woman can find her style and shine all summer long.

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