Master the Art of Safely Opening a Watch: Expert Tips & Easy-to-Follow Methods

Do you want to verify the authenticity of a luxury watch, change the battery of a quartz watch or satisfy your watchmaking curiosity by exploring the mechanical depths of your precious timepiece? The operation can be risky for quality watches if not carried out carefully. This is why we are going to reveal to you precise tips and gentle methods for opening a watch without damaging it. The objective? Guarantee the integrity of your watch while allowing you to accomplish your mission.

Why is it necessary to open a watch delicately?

To begin with, it is important to understand why the care taken when opening a watch is crucial. First, each component of a watch, whether mechanical or electronic, is designed with millimeter precision. The slightest shock or scratch could permanently damage their operation.

Second, the aesthetic aspect is just as important. A luxury watch or a collector’s watch can see its value drop considerably if its case is damaged.

This is why opening a watch requires a certain amount of tact, patience and skill. Don’t worry, with a little practice and our help, you will become an expert in opening watches.

Preparation before opening: gather the right tools

To open a watch without damaging it, you must first of all be well equipped. We advise you to invest in a watch opening kit, which generally contains the following elements:

  1. Case opener : This is an essential tool for opening the back case of a watch. There are several types of case openers, the choice of which will depend on the type of your watch.
  2. Anti-static tweezers : To handle small parts without risking damage.
  3. Precision screwdriver : To unscrew the small parts inside the watch.
  4. Soft cloth : To protect the watch face when opening.
  5. Magnifying glasses : To get a better view of the small details and components inside the watch.

Techniques for opening a watch: screw-back watch and clip-on watch back

Now let’s move on to the opening methods. Depending on the model of your watch, it may have a screwed back or a clipped back.

  • How to open a watch with a screw back?

The screw-back watch, often used in diving watches to guarantee their water resistance, is the most common. To open it you will need your case opener. Adjust the gap between the prongs of your case opener so that they fit perfectly on the notches on the back of your watch. Then, gently turn counterclockwise until the bottom is unscrewed. There you have it, the back is open, you can see the heart of your watch!

  • How to open a watch with a clipped back?

For watches with clipped backs, opening requires a thin, solid blade. You can use a watch opening knife or, failing that, a sharp pocket knife. Carefully insert the blade between the case and the back of the watch, then apply light pressure to lever and unclip the back. Be careful, this method requires a little skill so as not to scratch the watch or the back.

Tips for handling the inside of the watch without damaging it

After opening the watch, one must exercise equal caution in handling the parts inside. Use anti-static tweezers to handle small parts or to change the battery. For mechanical watches, avoid touching the components directly with your fingers to avoid greasing the parts.

Exploring the interior of a watch is a delicate mission that requires special attention. However, with these gentle tips and methods, you can open a watch without damaging it and reveal the mystery of its inner workings. Enjoy this enriching experience and remember: patience is the key word in watchmaking.

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