Mastering the Art of Sustainable Fashion: Your Ultimate 2023 Guide to Selecting Stylish Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden sunglasses have today become a real fashion accessory, combining both style and durability. If you are looking for a model that will accompany you throughout the year and adapt to all occasions, follow our guide to make the best choice in 2023.

Wood, a sustainable and ecological material

Choosing wooden sunglasses is above all opting for an eco-responsible approach. Unlike synthetic materials, wood is a renewable and biodegradable resource. It also offers natural weather resistance, ensuring the longevity of your glasses.

The different types of wood

There are a wide variety of woods used in making sunglasses. Each type of wood has its own aesthetic and structural characteristics. Among the most popular are bamboo, ebony, walnut, cherry wood and rosewood. Each of these woods offers a unique texture and distinct color, allowing you to choose a model that perfectly matches your style and tastes.

The quality of manufacturing

The quality of manufacturing is an essential criterion to take into account when choosing your wooden sunglasses. Make sure the glasses have polarized lenses, which provide optimal protection against UV rays. In addition, check that the hinges and fixings are solid, to avoid any fragility and ensure maximum durability.

Ergonomics and comfort

In addition to style and durability, it is important to consider the ergonomics and comfort of wooden sunglasses. Opt for a model whose frame adapts perfectly to the shape of your face. The temples of glasses should be flexible enough to fit comfortably behind the ears, without exerting excessive pressure.

Design and trend in 2023

When it comes to wooden sunglasses, trends evolve every season. In 2023, oversized shapes and thick frames will be particularly popular. Natural wood colors, such as brown or black, remain timeless and versatile choices. For a more daring look, don’t hesitate to opt for colored frames or engraved patterns.

Maintenance and protection

To keep your wooden sunglasses in perfect condition, it is important to maintain them regularly. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean them, avoiding harsh chemicals. Additionally, when not in use, store them in a protective case to avoid any scratches or accidental damage.

Where to find wooden sunglasses?

Nowadays, there are many brands specializing in making wooden sunglasses. You can find them in optical stores, online stores or even in certain fashion brands. Don’t hesitate to compare the different options before making your final choice.

The environmental impact of your choice

When choosing a pair of wooden sunglasses, you don’t just think about fashion or aesthetics. Behind this choice lies a broader issue: that of preserving our planet. Thus, wood, as a material, reminds us of our responsibility towards nature and our environmental impact.

Overexploitation of forests is a global problem. Fortunately, many wooden sunglasses companies have become aware of this issue and are committed to using wood from sustainably managed forests. Thus, as a consumer, choosing an eco-responsible brand means contributing to the protection of forests and the promotion of sustainable exploitation of resources.

But how do you know if the pair you are considering buying is truly eco-responsible? Look for certifications such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which guarantees that wood comes from responsibly managed forests. In addition, some brands go further by planting a tree for each pair sold, thus offsetting their carbon footprint.

The durability of a pair of glasses does not stop at the raw material. The production methods, the origin of the glasses, the glue used, everything matters. It is therefore essential to learn about the entire manufacturing process to make an informed choice.

Let us also not forget the social dimension of eco-responsibility. Opting for brands that ensure fair working conditions and are socially committed can also be a criterion of choice. Indeed, behind each pair of glasses, there are hands that made them.

The importance of recycling for your wooden glasses

If we often talk about the eco-responsible dimension when purchasing, the end of life of the product is just as crucial. So what to do with your wooden sunglasses when you’ve decided to replace them or if they’re broken?

The advantage of wooden glasses is their biodegradable nature. However, it’s not just a matter of throwing them into the wild. Wood takes time to degrade and certain components of glasses, such as lenses or small metal parts, are not biodegradable. Therefore, it is essential to think about recycling.

Some brands offer trade-in programs. They collect old pairs, separate the different elements and recycle them appropriately. Wood can be reused to create new products or be composted. The other elements are either recycled or dismantled for new use.

Even if the brand of your glasses does not offer a recycling program, it is possible to give a second life to your pair. For example, artisans or art schools may be interested in mounts for their creations. Lenses can also be replaced with corrective lenses and the glasses donated to people in need.

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