Unraveling the Styles: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Different Gold Chain Links

When deciding to buy a gold chain, it is important to understand the different links available on the market. Each link offers a unique aesthetic and can give your jewelry a distinctive style.

Figaro mesh

The Figaro link is one of the most popular links for gold chains. It is characterized by alternating long and short links, which gives an elegant and refined appearance. This mesh is often used to create strong and durable chains, perfect for everyday wear. Figaro knitwear is a versatile choice that suits both men and women.

Byzantine mesh

If you’re looking for a gold chain with a more complex aesthetic, Byzantine mesh is a great choice. This mesh is made up of several intertwined links, creating a stunning geometric pattern. Byzantine mesh is known for its flexibility and strength, making it an ideal choice for jewelry that will be worn regularly. It brings a touch of sophistication and elegance to any outfit.

Jaseron mesh

The Jaseron knit is a classic knit which is characterized by its flat and oval links. This mesh is often used for thinner gold chains, as it creates a delicate, feminine effect. The Jaseron mesh is also very durable and offers great comfort when worn. It can be worn alone, with a pendant or combined with other knitwear to create a unique look.

Horse stitch

The Cheval mesh is a strong and structured mesh which is made up of flat, rectangular links which fit perfectly into each other. This mesh offers a modern and contemporary appearance, ideal for those looking for a piece of jewelry with an original design. Cheval mesh is often used to create thick, strong gold chains, perfect for lovers of quality pieces.

Palm tree mesh

Palmier knit is an exotic and unique knit that is characterized by its palm leaf-shaped links. This mesh offers a sophisticated style and brings a touch of nature to your jewelry. Palmier mesh is often used for gold necklaces, bracelets and anklets, because it creates unique and original pieces. It is ideal for those looking for a piece of jewelry that stands out.

Choosing the weight of gold in your chain

When choosing a gold chain, it’s not enough to consider just the link type. An often overlooked, but equally crucial, aspect is the weight of the gold used in making the chain. This element determines not only the cost of your jewelry but also its durability and appearance.

Understanding the weight of gold

The weight of gold is generally measured in carats. The higher the carat number, the greater the gold content of the jewelry. For example, an 18k gold chain contains 75% pure gold, while a 14k gold chain only contains 58.3%. This means that if you opt for a chain with a higher weight of gold, it will have a richer color and will also be more expensive.

The impact on sustainability

A higher gold weight also means higher gold purity, which can make the chain softer and more likely to scratch or warp. On the other hand, a chain with a lower weight of gold will contain more other metals, which will make it more robust. For example, a 10k gold chain, although it has a lower gold content, may be more resistant to scratches and deformation due to the presence of other metals in the alloy.

The influence on appearance

The weight of the gold can also influence the appearance of your chain. A chain with a higher gold weight will have a deeper, richer shade of gold, while a chain with a lower gold weight will have a paler color.

The Meaning of Carats in Gold Chains

The mystery of carats revealed

Many people associate carats with diamond size, but when it comes to gold, carats tell a different story. The term “carat” as it relates to gold refers to the purity of the gold.

The birth of the carat system

The carat measurement system has its origins in the seeds of the carob tree. In ancient times, traders used these seeds as a benchmark to measure the purity of gold, as they were considered to have a uniform weight. Over time, this practice evolved to give rise to the carat system we know today.

Distinguish shades of gold

It is crucial to understand that pure gold, also known as 24-karat gold, is too soft to be used in jewelry making. This is why it is mixed with other metals to strengthen its structure. 18k gold, for example, is made from 18 parts gold and 6 parts another metal, making it much stronger than pure gold. However, this dilution also influences the color of the gold. So a 14k gold chain will have a slightly different shade than an 18k gold chain, the latter being richer in gold.

Beyond Color: Alloy Properties

Pure gold is bright yellow, but depending on the metals it is alloyed with, its color can vary. For example, adding copper will result in a more reddish tone, while silver or palladium will result in a more greenish hue. These blends also make it possible to obtain white gold or rose gold, thus expanding the range of choices for consumers.

The question of cost

Finally, it is essential to note that the higher the gold content, the higher the price will be. However, don’t be guided solely by the purity of gold. Also consider the properties of the alloy, as this can influence the durability and appearance of your chain. Either way, make sure you buy from a reputable jeweler to ensure you get the quality you pay for.

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