Mastering Postal Etiquette: Essential Tips for Preparing and Mailing Envelopes

Sending a letter remains an ordinary activity even in the current digital age. Unfortunately, filling out an envelope correctly is not easy for everyone. This seemingly innocuous task requires a precise methodology to guarantee efficient and worry-free shipping. This post invites you to discover the best tips for filling an envelope. From choosing the envelope to the recipient’s address to the stamp, you will become a pro at sending mail.

Choosing the Envelope: A Crucial Step

The Stamp: An Essential Element

Sending a successful letter starts with choosing the envelope. Depending on the nature of your mail, you will have to opt for a classic envelope or a bubble envelope for more fragile items. It is vital to consider the size and weight of your mail when choosing the appropriate envelope, as this is the first protection for your message. The superior quality envelopes ensure better resistance to the hazards of transport.

The Recipient’s Address: Key to Effective Mail Sending

Writing the address is a significant element in ensuring the successful receipt of your mail. It is essential to write the recipient’s address legibly and without erasures, respecting the order recommended by La Poste. Don’t forget to mention the recipient’s first and last name on the first line, followed by the exact address and postal code with city on the following lines.

The Stamp: An Essential Element

The purchase of the stamp depends on the weight and format of your mail. You can obtain stamps at the Post Office or online. Once you have acquired the stamp, place it at the top right of your envelope. Respecting this placement ensures that La Poste’s automatic sorting system will recognize your mail.

Extra: Sender’s Address

Even if it is not obligatory, the sender’s address can be useful in the event of non-delivery by La Poste. It is generally recommended to write it at the top left of the envelope or on the back.

Secrets for a Well-Sealed Envelope

Choosing the adhesive tape is also an important step. Opt for good quality transparent tape and avoid sticking too much so as not to damage the contents of the envelope.

Following these recommendations helps make sending your mail an efficient and hassle-free process. Whether you’re sending letters, important documents or small gifts, these tips will ensure optimal mail delivery. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your mail will arrive at its destination safely.

As a reminder, remember that choosing the envelope, writing the address of the recipient and sender, purchasing and placing the stamp, and taking care in closing the the envelope are all important steps. They must be approached seriously and diligently to ensure effective mailing. These tips will also be useful to you for successful parcel shipments.

And there you have it, you have in your hands the basics for filling out an envelope. All that remains is to take action!

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