Unveiling Nature’s Mysteries: The Fascinating Tale of a Fox, Droppings and an Ant

An incredible story for young and old

Discover the thrilling story of a fox who is strolling peacefully in the countryside when a sudden and compelling need forces him to stop behind a tree to relieve himself. From the mischievous pen of Edouard Manceau, this fabulous little story is sure to make young and old alike laugh! You’ll love sharing this hilarious story with your friends and family.

A superbly illustrated book for children aged 3 and up

This magnificent hardback book, illustrated by Edouard Manceau, is suitable for children aged 3 and over. With its 40 full-color pages, The Fabulous Little Story of the Fox, the Poo and the Ant offers a pleasant and fun reading experience. The endearing illustrations perfectly accompany this funny and surprising story.

Ideal dimensions for easy handling by children

With dimensions of 17.7 x 1 x 22.7 cm, this book is designed to be easily handled and manipulated by children’s little hands. Parents will also appreciate the compact and practical format of this book.

To read and reread without moderation

The captivating story of The Fabulous Little Story of the Fox, the Poop and the Ant will charm children and adults alike with its offbeat humor and endearing characters. The various twists and turns hold many surprises and laughs for readers of all ages.

  • Discover an original story, full of humor and adventures for the whole family
  • Admire the magnificent illustrations signed Edouard Manceau, who bring this extraordinary adventure to life
  • Give an unforgettable gift for young and old alike with this funny and touching story.

Buy your copy now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to add The Fabulous Little Story of the Fox, the Poo and the Ant to your collection or give it as a gift. There are only a few copies left available.

Features :

Format: Board book – Illustrated
Publication date : September 8, 2023
Language : French
Number of pages : 40 pages
Reading age: from 3 years old
Dimensions: 17.7 x 1 x 22.7 cm
Weight : 210g
ISBN-13: 979-1023519167

Fall for The Fabulous Little Story of the Fox, the Poop and the Ant today and immerse yourself in this funny and surprising adventure that will delight the whole family!

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