Unmasking the Everyday: Rediscovering the Forgotten Names of Common Objects

We have all been confronted with this feeling of helplessness when we want to name an everyday object whose name suddenly escapes us. This state of language blockage, which can be both frustrating and humorous, is not uncommon. Here I give you a list of these objects whose names we constantly forget and some tips to help you memorize them better.

From the Kitchen to the Living Room: These Everyday Objects with Elusive Names


An everyday object that many of us use but few know the name of is the aglet. An aglet is nothing more than the plastic or metal end found at the end of your shoe laces. Its function is to keep the end of your shoelace intact and facilitates the lacing or unlacing process.

The Updater

You probably use the Updater every day without knowing it. It’s the little triangle found on an aluminum can and used to open it. It is also called the can opener. Its role is essential since it allows easy access to the contents of the drink.

The Ferrule

At the office or at school, we frequently use a pencil without knowing that the small metal cylinder that holds the eraser at the end of the pencil has a name: the Ferrule. This little piece of metal plays an important role in the durability of your pencil.

Some Strategies for Remembering the Names of These Objects

Now that you know what these everyday things are called, how can you stop forgetting their names? Here are some tips:

Associate Images

A first technique consists of visualizing the object and associating it with its name. The brain tends to remember images better than words. For the aglet for example, you can visualize a lace with a label that says “aglet”.

Create Word Associations

Another method is to associate the name of the object with an action or word related to it. For example, the Updater could be associated with the opening action, and the Ferrule with solidity or durability.

To conclude this presentation, the names of objects in our daily lives can sometimes escape us and cause moments of uncertainty. This is completely normal and happens to everyone. The main thing is to remember that there are tips to fix it. And now that you know what these little things that you use every day are called, you will no longer look at them the same way! So, the next time you tie your shoelaces, open a can or pick up a pencil, don’t forget to thank the aglet, the updater and the ferrule respectively for their precious role in your daily life!

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